Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Failed to create partition on selected unused space : [ Error.0x800420f ]

This error occurs due to the corrupted partition table in the Hard Disk.

Solution: (XP, Vista and 7 users)
[Last updated on July 14, 2012] 

1. Download "Ubuntu LiveCD" and Burn this image file to a CD.

2. Boot the computer from CD.

3. Choose the option "Try Ubuntu without any change to your Computer".

4. After the Ubuntu has loaded completely, Go to Places > My computer.

5. This window will display all the drives of your Hard disk. Note that the corrupted drives or volumes will be displayed with name "File System" with unknown free space or used space.

6. Now click System > AdministrationGParted Partition Editor.

7. Using this utility we can resize/move, create or delete partitions on the Hard Disk.

8. The corrupted/deleted volume will be displayed as unallocated in grey color.

9. Right click on unallocated drive > choose Format to > ntfs.

10. Click the Apply button from tool bar to complete the operation.
11.Once finished you can check from the My computer window that every drives or volumes shows the Total free space and used space.

12. Restart the computer and take the Ubuntu LiveCD out.


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