Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to enable or disable admin password during logon in Windows XP, Vista and 7

You can do this by running the Netplwiz.exe or Advanced User Accounts Control Panel Utility.

1. You can start this utility by the following ways.
  • Open my computer and type %systemroot%\system32\netplWiz.exe in the address bar and hit ENTER.
  • Start > Run > netplwiz
  • Start > Run > user controlpasswords2 (for Windows Vista/7 Users)
  • Start > Run > control userpasswords2 (for XP Users)
Note: To access the RUN box in windows press "Winkey + R"

2. After you get to the Advanced User Accounts Control Panel, go to the Users tab and remove the tick mark near the message "Users must enter user name password to use this computer" to enable password bypass during logon. If you need password check during logon, put the tick mark near the above message to disable password bypass.

 3. You can also enable/disable the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys logon in the Advanced tab > Secure logon.

4. Finally, Click Apply and OK to close the box.
5. Restart Windows and watch for the changes you have made.


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