Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bluetooth device driver was not successfully installed (or) No driver found for your bluetooth peripheral device

You may receive this error while you installing the driver for bluetooth in your laptop (or) connecting a bluetooth device to your laptop.

  • While installing the bluetooth driver, please make sure that you must have a bluetooth enabled device like mobile phone, headset, mouse etc near your laptop as discoverable so that the laptop recognize the nearby bluetooth device and complete the installation of the bluetooth peripheral device driver in your laptop.
  • While connecting a bluetooth device, please make sure that the bluetooth adapter is ON. If either your laptop discovers your mobile device (or) the mobile device discovers your laptop then the solution is easy. You can try sending some files from your laptop or mobile device which discovers first and vice versa so that the bluetooth peripheral device driver installs completly.
If either your laptop or your mobile device was not discovered then the solution might be complex.

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