Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Clipboard - How to clear

For those who do a lot of cutting, copying and pasting of photos and such, this will help you, as well. When you are working with large files, you may or may not notice that your work speed decreases; if you clear your clipboard regularly, your work speed will increase dramatically.

1] Right click on the desktop (open area) > select New > Shortcut.


2] Type the following command including the quotation mark.

    cmd /c "echo off | clip"


3] Click Next button and now give a name for the shortcut (eg: clear clipboard) and click Finish button.


4] Now you can change the picture for the icon.

5] Right click on the current icon > select Properties > select Shortcut tab and click Change Icon button.


6] If you have already custom icon pictures on your PC, you can select their location by clicking browse button.
7] If you want to use windows loaded default icons, type the following command and click OK to open the icon folder.



8] After selecting your favorite icon, click OK to close the box.

9] Now click Apply and OK.
10] After all, for your convenient use you can drag the shortcut icon from the desktop to the quick launch bar.

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