Saturday, October 29, 2011

There is not enough memory or disk space to run MS office word/excel - Error

This error occurs while opening MS office word/excel etc. 

If you try to install new version/plug-ins or upgrades MS office by uninstalling the older version, some of the registry keys might be damaged and this causes the MS office service to pop-up this error every time when you open the application.

The best way to get rid off this error is to restart/reset your PC, if not then follow the simple steps below.


1] Open Start menu > Run > type msconfig.exe and hit enter key.

2] Select Startup tab > remove the tick mark near the MS-Office service.

3] Click Apply and OK.

4] Restart your PC to take changes immediately.

5] Now clean your registry for invalid, unused keys and also clean your temporary stored files using a freeware like Ccleaner. This might help you in fixing most of the registry issues.

 Note : Remember to clean your registry before installing or after uninstalling softwares from your PC and this might avoid most of the system errors in the future.


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