Monday, June 04, 2012

Does Vtune for nVidia drops out from market?

[Last Updated Dec 27, 2012]
I have updated my graphics driver and when I try to update the Vtune overclocker; no newer version was found. All searches regarding Vtune results in vain instead it is redirected to Intel-Vtune always. Even the Palit Microsystems, Inc. stops distributing this tool since it is discontinued by the developer but a new tool was released naming ThunderMaster. It was such an disappointment to all nVidia Vtune users. Either way I have a backup of Vtune tool which saves my all work.

Download Vtune v7.21.0.0  [compatible for XP, Vista and 7]

ThunderMaster Vs Vtune:

Tools Used : ThunderMaster, Vtune
Platform: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
CPU: Intel Pentium D @ 3.00GHz
GPU: nVidia GeForce 8400GS 512MB DDR2
RAM: 1.5 GB Dual channel
HardDisk: Western Digital Caviar 160GB SATA

At the first, the Thunder Master overclocker tool gives only little information about the graphics chip whereas the Vtune overclocker gives all the information including graphics card, current monitor resolution, keyboard driver, USB driver and the computer. This is not an important factor now but anyhow it is an useful factor.


Secondly the most important factor is the overclocking procedure. Thunder Master tool has only two adjustments; one for graphics clock with negative and positive values; another for memory clock with negative and positive values. I don't know why they are giving this negative values for overclocking may be it is for underclocking the GPU speed.

If this is meant for OverClocking

What for this zero values? (Reset or Neutral)

What for this negative values will do? (Underclocking)

Also ThunderMaster lacks the adjustment for shader clock settings whereas the Vtune has all the three adjustments with safe mode settings.

Overclock settings

Safe Mode or default clock Settings

Factory Settings (Minimum and Maximum values are fixed)

In actual, the minimum and maximum clock value settings are fixed for the graphics cards while manufacturing itself. So that we can tweak in-between values for overclocking and underclocking while running multimedia applications, games etc which needs high parallel processing power. But the options given in Thunder Master is unacceptable negative values that cannot be tweaked which may results in a hardware failure in future. Since both overclocking tools were tested on same graphics card with same platform, choosing the right tool is necessary in this case for the graphics card life.


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