Saturday, March 23, 2013

How to play srt, idx, sub files in Windows Media Player for mp4, mkv, avi video formats?

Have your video and subtitle file in a separate folder.
Rename your video and subtitle file with the same name.

Installing Codec Pack:
1. Download K-Lite Codec Pack.
2. Choose Advanced Install > Select DirectShow audio decoding filters for AC3, DTS, LPCM as AC3Filter.

3. Now just scroll down and select appropriate DirectShow Source filters as follows.
  • AVI Splitter - Gabest
  • Matroska Splitter - Gabest
  • MP4/3GP/MOV Splitter - Haali
  • MPEG Splitter - Gabest(TS/PS), Haali(TS)

4. Scroll down and select DirectShow Subtitle filter as DirectVobSub and also put tick mark near other filters for Haali Video Renderer.

5. Scroll down to the bottom and verify that all the Tools and Miscellaneous are enabled and leave the remaining selections as default which is untouched. Once finalized, Click Next button.

6. In the next pane (i.e) Additional Tasks and Options, scroll down to the bottom and select Gabest MPEG splitter as source filter for M2TS files and Click Next.

7. DXVA hardware acceleration and creating File associations are not necessary at this time and you can skip these steps by unchecking the tick marks and click Next.
8. In the next window select your speaker configuration > Click next > Click Install.
9. Once the installation is complete, Restart your PC for the changes to take effect.

Tweaking Windows Media Player :
1. Now Click Start > All Programs > K-Lite Codec Pack > Tools > Win7DSFilterTweaker. In this tool Click Tweaks button.

 2. In this window, disable the Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio and Video decoders by putting tick marks in their boxes > Click Apply & Close button to exit.

3. If it requires a reboot to do this tweak, just go ahead restart your PC and repeat the above step until you see tick marks near them. Close this window once you have done.
4. Now click Preferred decoders button in this tool.

5. Now select the filters for the following 32-bit and 64-bit decoders and finally click Apply & close button to exit.
  • H.264 - ffdshow(DXVA)
  • Xvid - ffdshow
  • Divx - ffdshow
  • MP4V - ffdshow
  • VC1 - ffdshow(DXVA)

6. Once above tweaks are completed, close the Win7DSFilterTweaker tool.
7. Now click Start > All Programs > K-Lite codec Pack > Tools > Codec Tweak Tool > Manage Source Filters.

8. Select the following DirectShow Source filters for the following file types and finally click Apply & Close button to exit.
  • AVI - Gabest
  • MKV - Gabest
  • MP4 - Haali
  • M2TS - Gabest

Playing SRT file in Windows Media Player :
1. Go to Start > All Programs > K-Lite Codec pack > Tools > GraphStudio.
2. In GraphStudio open File menu > Render Media file > locate your *.mp4 file which is in a separate folder along with the srt file.
3. If your mp4 file is directly connected to the ffdshow video decoder & then  to the DirectVobSub filter then Windows Media player will definitely play the srt file.

4. Also right click on mp4 file in GraphStudio > properties. Check that its source filter is Haali Media Splitter.

Haali media splitter for mp4

5. If you get the above monogram then you can play with Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Player plays IDX & SUB file for MP4
Windows Media Player Plays SRT file for MP4

6. Similarly render your mkv file in GraphStudio and check that your mkv file is directly connected to the ffdshow video decoder and DirectVobSub filter.

Gabest filter for MKV file
Windows Media Player plays SRT file for MKV
7. But avi file is quite different from the above since it connects separately to the MPC-Avi splitter (Gabest filter) and then to the ffdshow video decoder and DirectVobSub filter.

AVI file monogram with MPC- avi splitter (Gabest)
Windows Media Player plays SRT file for AVI

1. If you see different filters in GraphStudio apart from the above mentioned,  then you have to disable your default (or) other 3rd party filters using Codec Tweak Tool > Manage DirectShow filters.

Picture shows already disabled 3rd party filters
2. Also make sure that you have enabled the Haali media source filter and Gabest filter. Some times 3rd party filters may disable these.

Enabled Haali and Gabest Source Filters


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