Thursday, November 03, 2011

How to change/display the extension for files in windows

By default Windows doesn't show the extensions for all files but if you need to change for example .png to .jpg (or) .bat to .cmd (or) .txt to .inf there is a simple way.

1] Open My Computer > press Alt+T+O keys combination to open Folder Options box.

2] Select View tab > Uncheck the check box for Hide extensions for known file types.

3] Click Apply and OK.

4] Now you got the extensions display for all files in your PC.

5] If you need to change any extension, just right click on the file > select Rename and then rename the file with new extension.


Rename the file with new extension from .txt to .inf and press yes from the incoming warning message.


Note: Don't try to do in illegal ways like changing from .doc to .xls (or) .flv to .mkv (or) .rar to .iso and this may damage the source file and display error messages like "File is either corrupted or in unknown format; Cannot read source file" when you try to open it.

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