Sunday, December 04, 2011

d3drm.dll error

This error occurs during the installation/running of simulation/multimedia softwares which requires this (d3drm.dll) DirectX file especially for x64-bit operating systems.

Similar errors are
  • The file d3drm.dll is missing
  • D3drm.dll not found
  • D3drm.dll not found, reinstalling might help this fix

To avoid this error download the file d3drm.dll, and copy/paste to c:\windows\system32 folder. Also paste into c:\windows\sysWOW64 folder if you have x64-bit operating system.

Note: Installing/Updating to the latest version of Microsoft DirectX may (or) may not fix this issue.

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  1. This was interesting. And, a good way to know more about D3drm.dll errors. I was warned about downloading the Dynamic Link Library files from DLL sites that are not reliable and verifiable sources. I am a critical consumer and did my research. I found that instead of spending the many hours to figure out the problems yourself, it is much more feasible to get a subscription to a good registry cleaning software. I use PC Healthboost to do the job for me. There is an autoschedule feature that has allowed me to set a time that I would like the software to do its thing. It locates the issues and fixes them overnight. I never know it's happening, but can tell a huge difference when I work on my PC each day. No more error messages and now my slow computer is processing at a much faster rate. So thankful for an inexpensive, reliable and easy fix.


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