Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ERROR: file write operation failed

This error occurs while installing/extracting a large or highly compressed file.

If there is no enough free space to extract or install, it fails to write the files on the disk and hence it pop-ups this error.

Make sure that you have atleast free space of 15+ (or) 20+ GB in your drive where you want to install and run. The free space may differ from file to file based on the file compression technique.

If your file is an ultra highly compressed one, it requires more free space to be extracted. Similarly if your file is compressed just using store method then it requires very less space to be extracted.

If a 20GB file is compressed under the size of 5GB, then you can calculate the free space for its extraction (+) the additional free space for your operating system to run (+) the system page-file size.


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