Monday, August 06, 2012

How to split and compress a video file for mailing purpose?

Sending a video file over an e-mail is restricted to only about 25MB in Gmail, Yahoo mail and about 50MB in Hotmail. By splitting a video file into two or more files, we can it send over an e-mail. But splitting the original video files with video editors would lead to loss in video/audio quality. Here I suggest a freeware for splitting, loss-less compressing and merging the video files for sending over an e-mail as an attachment within 11MB.

1] Download and install 7-Zip file archiver.
2] Now Right click over a video file which you need to split > select 7-Zip > select Add to archive.

3] Now set Compression level as Store and choose 10MB from the Split to volumes, bytes box > click Ok button to split and compress the video file into several parts based upon the original size.

4] The resulted file types will be stored as 001, 002, 003 and so on.

5] So if a person receiving these files over an e-mail will need a similar file archiver like 7-Zip, Winzip, Peazip, Winrar etc for merging these files.

For Merging/Joining the splitted video files (7z.001, 7z.002, etc)
6] Just right click the first file 001 > select 7-Zip > select Extract here option.

7] The resultant combined video file will be the original video file (of same size) without loss of quality.

Note1: You can also encrypt the archive by setting a password in the Add to archive box.
Note2: This method is simple and effective for the file types like flv, mpeg-4, avi etc.


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